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Handing Over The Cheque

Handing Over The Cheque
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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hello Everyone

So sorry we have not been blogging for a while.

Well it is Devaanshi's birthday tomorrow!She would be 19. In celebration of her birthday we go to Great Ormond Street Hospital where she was looked after and give toys to her wards. It is something she wanted us to do when she was not longer here. Then we are all going out for a family meal. :)

An update on Dushyant now.
He is doing very well. He doesn't need a respiratory review for a year! Which is amazing.

We appreciate all the work the staff of  Great Ormond St do to help Dushyant. Especially his doctors. This is a prime example of how all hospitals should be.

Happy Christmas

The Mehta family :)


Friday, April 10, 2015

Hello Everyone,

Well today has been a good day in the Mehta household. Today Jyotika turned 24.We went out for lunch and she cut her cake. Seems strange to celebrate birthdays or other such events without Devaanshi being physically present, Although we firmly believe that she is with us all the time.

Dushyant had a couple of paticaei (small bruising inside the body) come up yesterday. We are keeping a close eye on him even though he is fine overall.

Please keep reading this blog and we will keep you updated on Dushyant's health.

Thank you

The Mehta Family

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hey Everyone

Apologies for not blogging for a few weeks. Dushyant's appeal has been going on in full swing. Many more donors have signed up to the bone marrow registries. For this we are very grateful. We have not found one for Dushyant yet but are ever hopeful.

Dushyant is doing very well at the moment. He has started a mine craft blog of his own. ( minecraftlikeaboutit.wordpress.com) He is Devaanshi' s brother alright!

We are planning lots of family holidays and fun things over the summer. Whilst we live under the constant shadow of Dushyant' s illness. We are now learning that we should not restrict him whilst he is well enough to do things.

We will be organising Devaanshi's charity walk to GOSH shortly  and will keep you all posted with the details.

Have a lovely day

The Mehta family


Friday, February 13, 2015


Hi Everyone

As the campaign for more donors continues. Please go to the following link and share this article. It is very important that the drive to raise awareness carries on.


Have a lovely day

Devaanshi's mum

Sunday, February 8, 2015

please donate

Hi Everyone

As you have heard and seen in the recent press Devaanshi's brother now needs to find a matching donor. If you are able to help please visit these websites

2) deleteblood cancer.org

Anyone can sign up up to the age of 55.

Or just type bone marrow donation into a search engine and you will be
Able to get more information on the registration process

Please also take a look at the appeal on BBC I player and the mail online and share on twitter, Facebook  etc .

Thank you

Kalyani Mehta(Dushyant and Devaanshi's mum)

Friday, January 2, 2015

Remembering Devaanshi

Happy New Year

Today as we embark on 2015...........I Devaanshi's mum would like to try and keep Devaanshi's vision and legacy going. Devaanshi was an amazing daughter and a huge inspiration to all around her. She had a vision that no other child should die due to a lack of organs. I would like to  request anyone reading this blog to go out and encourage family, friends and colleagues to go out and join the blood bone marrow and organ donor registries.
Devaanshi's younger brother Dushyant  and I will try to keep this blog updated. Please share this blog with everyone you know and also please feel free to leave a message.


Wishing you all a happy new year

Devaanshi's  Family

Thursday, July 5, 2012




Sunday, March 4, 2012



:ADULT - £20
:CHILD UNDER 12 - £15





Hello Everyone,
It has been to had a pretty bad three weeks for my mum and I. I had really bad abdominal pains and was unable to hardly move at all. I wasn't able to have proper food and had to live on a no spice, no dairy, no gluten or even wheat products.It was really difficult to be able to find something that appealed to me. Being Indian also, it was hard to eat bland food because our food is very different from English food.
Whilst at the hospital, I received an invitation to go to the Dorchester from Simon Cowell (and his mummy) and Max Clifford. There were a few other celebrities there such as Barbara Windsor, Louis Walsh, Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen, Amy Childs, Philip Scholfield, Andrea McClean, Sue Johnston, Andrew Stone, McFly, John Barrowman and many more people. They were all amazing and really kind people. Big Thanks to Rachel to sorting this out for us all.
Loveee Devaanshi x

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hello everybody,
The terrible reason i have been unable to blog is because I have been in Great Ormond Street Hospital for three weeks. I will update you later due to the fact that I am still pretty exhausted, Check out our next charity event - all details on the blog!
missed you and chat soon

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just taking time out...

Hello everyone...
   Yet again, its been a long while since I last blogged. I have been unwell on and off throughout this month. Unfortunately, due to this my platelets were dropping much quicker than they usually did. Usually, I have a platelet transfusion of around 600mls every eight days. During the period where my health was not so good, I needed platelet transfusions every four or five days. I am glad to say that my platelet count is slowly returning to normal as are the frequency of having transfusions. When I was unwell, my blood count dropped more often than expected and I had to have 6 hours worth of blood every three weeks or so rather than my usual 6 hours every two to three months. This was worrying for everybody but I am thrilled to say that I am much better though I still have some days where I don't feel so good. I tried to make it to school a couple of times and managed to make it there for a couple of hours on one day but on another had to come home after just an hour due to extreme tiredness. On that day, I slept through the whole of the day and the night. It just goes to show how different each day can be.
Hopefully, the rest of the month will be positive and healthy
Best wishes and Smiles
Devaanshi x x x

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hello to everyone,
Firstly, Happy New Year ! We have arrived at the great stand of 2012. I hope 2011 was the best possible year and the coming year is just as fantastic for us all.
   I have not been updating my blog as regularly as I used to because unfortunately, I have been really unwell. I keep getting infection upon infection and constantly feel weak and tired. I have been trying to keep my drinking up because I haven't been able to eat as much as I used to. I have been keeping up with having my platelet transfusions at the hospital but recently I have been having to have blood and platelets more frequently. The infection probably is just dampening down all my cells.

I am feeling a little better and maybe 2012 will be a healthier start, a healthier year.
Enjoy the day,

Devaanshi x

Sunday, December 25, 2011


I hope your Christmas has been very enjoyable so far - I hope Santa brought all the presents you wished for and that your day with family and friends goes smoothly.

Best Wishes
Appreciate those who are there for you and care for you. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hello Everyone,
It was my 15 th birthday on Sunday and I had a pretty amazing day! I woke up at 7am that morning and everyone had awoken. I saw lots of wrapped pink wrapping paper. I got a foot spa, a facial sauna, a 5 in 1 styling kit for hair, Umberto Giovannini (i think that is how its spelt) Hair product kit, 5 mini perfumes that you dab on rather than spray so the air fumes aren't very strong.and wont make me cough as much. I also got a Gok Wan complete bath,shower,scrub,lotion, shower cream etc. My brother bought me diamante headphones and I got some stuff from shopping afterwards. We had a meal but then my ultimate present was some diamond earrings.
I had an amazing day. Thanks for everything

Birthdays... they couldn't get much better than this!

Hello Everybody....
So... I've been unwell on and off recently. I’ll be fine minute and terrible the next. It is pretty annoying. I also seem to be finding myself coughing quite a lot - I always have a cough but this cough beats all others. I am also getting very exhausted all the time and pretty lethargic. On Friday I felt really unwell and had to go to my local Harrow hospital. I was pretty frightened for I had restricted breathing. I was sick about 15 times before the doctor came in after they had finished the whole of ward round (when they visit all patients in the children ward). I was so panicky but I had no energy to say anything due to my stomach pains, the constant vomiting and the pain. After a little while, my mum went to check if any nurses were around, as the oxygen mask had not been set up in the room. I found this quite odd considering that I do have lung disease however maybe they just didn't remember. That day, Johnny from X Factor was on the ward so I assume they all had to get pictures and autographs before they could attend to patients. In the end, I got Intravenous fluids and I'm sure I had instant morphine and medazalam ( very strong form of morphine - contributes to pain relief, and are, controlled drugs) - (calming medicine to make you relax).
I was petrified.
I’ll be back to blog more later... love you and leave you for the moment
Though the weather is cold, yucky and gloomy – If you see a smile it’ll cheer up your day.
# Smile at someone today and see the difference you make 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hi Everybody,
Glad to be back! I have been so unwell. I am on Intravenous Antibiotics  and am getting better fingers crossed. I planned a birthday do due to my birthday being on December 18th though I managed to have a wonderful birthday celebration meal at Pizza Express on Sunday. I was so scared I would still be ill for it but I managed to go and enjoy it. It was fabulous and many thoughtful friends came. I still didnt manage to go back to school however on Thursday, the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity Christmas Party was held at the Royal National Hotel. I went and showed my support and met some really lovely people. Tess Daley, Chris Moyles and many others. I had a good time though it was very tiring. I had my wonderful brother, Dushyant, my friend Sarah, my fabulous sister, Tejal and my superstar mum come with me. Pictures will be posted up on the site.
Lots of love and I wish to be better very soon... I even popped into school just to say hi today!

Hope never dies so long as you think positively.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Glad To Be Back!!!

Hello everyone,
I am pleased to say that I am on the mend. It was so frustrating that I couldn't keep you all informed about my life however I fell incredibly unwell. I felt a little unwell in the middle of November so Great Ormond Street Hospital brought me in early to have my steroid treatment which usually makes me feel a bit better. I had my stay... which consisted of nothing more than it usually did. There were no complications or anything. When I arrived home, I noticed that me back/shoulder/ limb aches were much more severe than usual. Though I took all my pain  relief I was still just in pain all the time. During the next couple of weeks I got pushed back with a very bad infection of some sort. I was bed ridden for ages and couldn't eat a morsel, though I was on the loo an awfully large amount of time. I  felt terrible - couldn't go to school or anything however I made the decision that when it was put to me to go into Northwick Park Hospital I wouldn't be able to stay or go and have intravenous antibiotics. I couldn't deal with it anymore. For a couple of nights, an ambulance had to be called to our home at night. On the first time, I had severe chest pains and popping sensations in my chest. It was so painful however when we arrived at the hospital, everything settled down slowly but surely. The second time, two nights later, I woke up and went to go to the loo. I fainted on the way back and then had chest pains that were excruciating. I thought it was the end of my life. We were once again taken by ambulance to hospital and we were in resuscitation from 11pm to 3:30 am. I got so scared but after lots of morphine and fluids, they allowed me to go home later on that morning. If anything happened, I want the end to be at home with all my family.Of course the question came of what to do to treat my infection and GOSH very kindly liaised with the local,my family and I and we negotiated that I would have oral antibiotics at home. Unfortunately however, the next day they found I had a specific infection and have started to treat me with intravenous antibiotics. It isn't so bad because the community nurses can come to our house during weekdays to do it.
On Sunday, I had my birthday party with some amazing friends. We went to Pizza Express and had a meal. Everyone was really nice and I had a fantastic time. I know just how much they care. Pictures will follow.
Have a lovely evening
 Think of those who make that tremendous effort just to make your life a teeny bit better

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Devaanshi Unwell :(

Hello Everyone,

Devaanshi has asked me to update her blog as she is very unwell presently. She knows that there are lots of you who have been waiting for her new post however she is currently going through a rough period she will write as soon as she is strong enough.
Thank you for your patience.

Quote -  Have the courage to live.  Anyone can die.

Devaanshi's mum.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hi Everyone...
So... exciting news!
On Sunday went shopping with my friends. All day on Saturda I was deliberating on whether I should or shouldn't take my wheelchair. I knew I would get extremely tired without it however I wanted things back to normal...when I could walk. On Sunday, my mumdropped me offin the shopping centre and then once  my friends came, she went to do some of her own shopping. I  had decided not to take the wheelchair so mum said to call her if I felt I needed it so she could go and get it. My friends and I shopped and we had a fabulous time. Though we had to sit down very frequently and our lunch was two hours to renew my energy I MANAGED IT! WITHOUT THE WHEELCHAIR! I was so proud ofmyself! My lovely friends deserve a hugeeee thank you for being so patient with me. ThanksGuys!
 I then started to walk around school on Monday a little so hopefully my legs will getstronger.
 After a good day at school I went home and everything was fine. I settleddown. I was watching tv and then suddenly my eyes started to go really blood shot. I then noticed that a few of my nails had blood seeping through and the things in my mouth that I had thought to be mouth ulcers were blood clots. I was bleeding out of every open crevices in my body...literally. Mum and I went straight to the hospital. I was bleeding a lot by this time and was given three bags of platelets early as I wasn't due them until the following day. It was pretty stressful and we got home very very late but eventually, the bleeding settled. It was a pretty frightening experience and not one I would like to have again.
 On the Tuesday, I went to school; though I did go in later than usual. I had a good morning and break time, though nearing lunch  started to feel overwhelmingly tired and a little sick. In the end, my mum had to come and collect me from school. I have been off for the past two days as I have caught a bad cold and cant keep down much. I feel a little better today however so hopefully I will be okay for school next week.
Wish me luck

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello Everyone,

On Monday I went to Great Ormond Street Hospital in order for mum to be signed off ( this means she can definitely do this without supervision ) for accessing my portocath. She did perfectly as always, and after this we went home though I knew a few hours later I would have to go to Northwick Park Hospital in order to have platelets. When we got to the local hospital a few hours later, we were welcomed in by the lovely lady who works there all the time. She is so lovely... we always get gossiping. Unfortunately though, there was still some childish hostility from some nurses. This was quite upsetting as they ignored us and didnt even look in our direction. I was pretty hurt by this because I would've thought they would have got over themselves by now and as grown women, would have been mature enough to put the past behind them as I have. I haven't held grudges so I am unable to understand why they do. Evidently this is probably their own insecurities about themselves and their actions previously therefore I hope they get them sorted. I would hate for this to happen to another child like myself.
The next day, we were called with the cell counts and due to my haemoglobin being just 6.6 when it should be 11.5 - 16. This meant I needed to have a blood transfusion. A transfusion of one bag of blood takes three to four hours and I needed to have two bags. All in all, it takes approximately seven hours. I had to take the day off school to have the blood which was a shame. It was the lovely nurse again... however she was a little busy but she tried to come and say hello as much as she could which was lovely. The other nurses were the really lovely- the one looking after me came and chatted to me so I didn't get bored. So did my lovely buddy. She had a really nice haircut. It is so odd how one day it is a terrible experience at the hospital and the next is joyful.
I finished at the hospital at 5pm and had to rush home to get ready for an awards evening. I nominated my very nice teacher for an award for volunteer of the year. He does so many environmental and charity work and I felt he needed some proper recognition for all the work he does. I wore a black dress. 
We got to the venue and I managed to walk up three flights of stairs. I walked very slowly and took plenty of breaks but I was so proud of myself. The people receiving all the guests were unsure of where the lift was. I had to sit down as soon as I made it up the stairs and had to have a glass of water but I still think I did pretty well. I am pleased.
There were some light snacks and then the awards began. Each nominee got called up and received a certificate. There was some entertainment of a brass band and tap dancers also. When my teacher went up to receive his certificate I clapped really hard. The evening was lovely and I enjoyed myself very much.
The next few days were filled with school, work and flu jabs! I had to have mine and it stung pretty badly and has stretched out into an enormous purple bruise. I have to have one every year from now on. eeek!!
Today I walked a little at school.After walking up thsoe stairs on the award night I feel really optimistic.
Enjoy the weekend... Im a celebrity get me out of here is what i shall be enjoying on sunday evening.
Best wishes
Be positive

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hi everybody!!
So, as you know from my last post - I was going to Great Ormond Street Hospital to have some appointments and also for my mum to learn how to access my portocath( insert the needle into the tubing device under my skin used to give me blood,platelets, medicines and antibiotics).The appointments went well,and we managed to reduce the amount of tablets I am on. I am really pleased about that due to the fact that I dislike taking tablets very much. You could be sitting down to eat your favourite meal but before this you have to take your tablets. Once you have taken them you are full and aren't hungry anymore. It isnt pleasant. My mum has also done incredibly well and managed to access me easily. We are going to practice and will be back at Great Ormond Street Hospital tomorrow for mum to be signed off. I am so proud of her. She did really well and it didnt even hurt me!
Hopefully, after tomorrow I will be able to goback to school properly as I took a few days off at the beginning of this week not just because of appointments but simply because I felt under the weather.
My breathing is still quite breathless and I do have to sit downand catch my breath a lot, even if I only walk 8 metres or so however... I am still going to keep moving as much as possible in order to build up my strength.
Finally, I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend ...especially downton abbey and xfactor.
Remember, happiness within comes from happiness outside- make someone smile  today

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello everybody,
 I hope you all had a nice half term break. I certainly did. I went and saw horses and dogs in the country, they were adorable. I really enjoyed myself. I also started a little bit of my christmas shopping because then I don't have to brave the last minute rush.
Unfortunately, I am feeling a little unwell. Yesterday I was supposed to have my flu jab but unfortunately, because I was feeling unwell... my neutrophil cell count in my blood was too low. Im not feeling great today... and it can be really bitterly cold outside; winter is definitely on the way. Tomorrow and Friday I have to go to Great Ormond Street Hospital for clinic appointments and portocath accessing. Hope I feel better then.
Best Wishes
Smile at the world

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hello everybody...
I hope you all have a wonderful day. Today I am planning on going out with my family and then we shall go out and eat this evening. Also, a big Good Luck to my gorgeous sister, Tejal who had unknowingly and coincidentally booked her driving test for today! Best of luck to her... She is the most amazing person. Fingers crossed for success. 
I would like to remember special people who aren't with us today but who were always there and supported us throughout all trials and tribulations. We miss you Ma, Harry and hope you both watch down on our family today in the hope and happiness we live in.
Finally, I hope everyone is full of happiness and enjoys the day.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hiya everyone...
So, today I had to come home a little earlier due to chest pain. I had a few minor sharp pains in the morning however they were not really bad so I just ignored it. I had biology and was fine when we did an experiment. We are working on different types of light and how plants grow when exposed to different colours. I then had mathematics and I was really pleased as I understood all of the work.We have a test in the upcoming term so I will have to revise. After break time, I had food technology however I was unable to get my ringbinder therefore I did some catchup work in the library, My lesson after this was English, and I had to do a speaking and listening assessment. I was prepared with a powerpoint and was really proud of myself and I stood up when presenting this. I am so tired and usually am in my wheelchair but I didnt think it would be right if you cant stand and make eye contact with people properly. Anyway - I got a lovely applause and got a grade A. Hopefully I will be able to do good work later on in the future and receive grades such as this. For lunch, I had a jacket potato with beans and salad. It was very welcome as it is so cold. Freezing outside. I hear it is going to snow soon so it is good to have a hot meal in the day rather than a packed lunch... it'll prevent you from getting unwell. Towards the end of lunch... I started getting more chest pains. They got quite severe and I went to the medical room. My mum came in and gave me some extra morphine and I went home with her. My chest still hurts but I have been sitting with a hot water bottle all evening and its not as sharp anymore. Since we have half term... I have nine days to rest and recuperate. Hopefully I will build up enough for me to go back to school without an infection. These holidays we have quite a few big religious festivals such as Diwali, brothers and sisters day. I also have platelets tomorrow and hospital on the 25th and on the day of Diwali, the 26th. Hopefully these will soon be out of the way for us to enjoy the festivities. We may go and watch the Diwali fireworks.
Have a warm evening,
PS. Thank you to all those who supported the staff who rode to Brighton from London in order to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. All donations are grateful so if you are able... please can you go onto

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hello World
After my stay in Great Ormond Street Hospital ... I am out after a pleasant surprise. On the day I got there, Dermot O'Leary was visiting the ward I was staying on and I was soooo pleased as I got to meet him. He was really nice and friendly.After three steroid filled days -.. I am in some pain and my muscles are aching so I have had to take the day off school. Hopefully I will make it in tomorrow. All my taste buds are messed up due to the effect the steroids have on me and I am finding it very hard to find food that appeals to me - though chocolate eclairs never go amiss! GOSH have informed us that all my family and I need to have to flu jab so I am due to have mine next week if I am well enough. Hope my neutrophils will be up in order for me to have the jab and prevent all infection.
Fingers crossed for the neutrophils and the foodie aspect.
Stay Smiling

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hello Everyone...
I am ashamed....I have seriously been neglecting my blog and am feeling terrible about it.
I have so much work to do... who knew the GCSE years could be so busy. I underestimated it ... when everyone said there was a lot of work i thought they were exaggerating! Homework is always waiting to be done - there is always something to do.
Last Friday, after school, I had a really sharp pain in my chest. We were just getting in the car outside my school and all of a sudden, I had frequent sharp, painful stabs in my chest. I couldnt even sit up straight. It was hard to breathe aswell so an ambulance got called. The people from the ambulance were really lovely and helped me stay calm. After an hour and a half or so - the pain had slowly subsided however I still had to get checked out at the hospital. I had an xray and it showed a little more deflation of my right lung. Since then however, I have been back at school and have a little more oxygen than usual and get breathless really quickly. I am going into Great Ormond Street Hospital tomorrow to have steroids so hopefully, once ive had them and the side effects have worn off ill feel much better.
Hope to see u after the 4 days of GOSH
Smile for life is a lovely thing

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nower Hill Bike Ride

Hey Everyone
This is a super quick post. My teachers are doing a bike ride to Brighton from London, Please donate online to my cause. It will make a huge difference. The address is justgiving.com/nowerhillridesagain. I will be outside my school tomorrow to see them off.
Your donations will be much appreciated.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello Everyone

Sorry for not blogging sooner however I have been bombarded with loads of GCSE work. I had some chest pains this morning and throughout the day but luckily I was able to manage a full day at school. Yesterday was Dushyant's birthday and we had an amazing day apart from the fact that I had to have platelets. They took ages as usual. My mum had called them early in the morning asking if it was okay for me to have the platelets at lunch time so I could go back and do my assessment. But as usual there was no doctor free to canulate me and then even though the nurse went to get them it was over an hour before they put them up. The doctor who canulated me hurt me so much and  I bled onto the bed.
We were so delayed mum couldn't go and collect my brother from school. It was all so upsetting,firstly I missed my assessment and then we would never have been able to pick up Dushyant from school. Luckily my dad went from work. Isn't it great we are not in a one parent family otherwise my brother would have been left crying at school. Northwick Park as usual don't give a damn!
I have two assessment's tomorrow. Hopefully my chest pains will go by then because I really can't afford to take time off. I don't want to fall behind.
Fingers crossed all will be well.

Count your blessings one by one.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Busy Busy Busy...

Hi everyone,
  As I have returned to school... I am up to my neck in work. There is an awfully large amount of work to fit in in such a short amount of time. I am getting tired at the end of each day... but apart from when I caught a cold earlier this month, I am spending the whole day at school. It is hard to get around sometimes... I have lots of science lessons each week and there is no way to get there apart from a small flight of stairs. It has been said numerous times that the site supervisors would come and help with the wheelchair since last week... however they never are there. We have to wait for someone to get hold of them ... I thought that maybe as they have my timetable they would be able to sort it out. Today I got to my lesson and there was only 20minutes left of it. I don't want to miss out on my education. Hopefully - tomorrow something will be sorted.
Last night I had platelets. I was feeling tired so it was quite good timing. Thank God I have them every 8 days... when I was really unwell- they were getting so low I had to have them every 6 days. I have them after school aswell so it doesn't really affect my education. Today I felt like one of the school rooms was rather stuffy - so I had to sit outside for a while but I did feel much better afterward.
Take Care
Devaanshi xx
I learn as I live... 

Me Now!!

Me Now!!
So differentt!