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Handing Over The Cheque

Handing Over The Cheque
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello Everyone,

On Monday I went to Great Ormond Street Hospital in order for mum to be signed off ( this means she can definitely do this without supervision ) for accessing my portocath. She did perfectly as always, and after this we went home though I knew a few hours later I would have to go to Northwick Park Hospital in order to have platelets. When we got to the local hospital a few hours later, we were welcomed in by the lovely lady who works there all the time. She is so lovely... we always get gossiping. Unfortunately though, there was still some childish hostility from some nurses. This was quite upsetting as they ignored us and didnt even look in our direction. I was pretty hurt by this because I would've thought they would have got over themselves by now and as grown women, would have been mature enough to put the past behind them as I have. I haven't held grudges so I am unable to understand why they do. Evidently this is probably their own insecurities about themselves and their actions previously therefore I hope they get them sorted. I would hate for this to happen to another child like myself.
The next day, we were called with the cell counts and due to my haemoglobin being just 6.6 when it should be 11.5 - 16. This meant I needed to have a blood transfusion. A transfusion of one bag of blood takes three to four hours and I needed to have two bags. All in all, it takes approximately seven hours. I had to take the day off school to have the blood which was a shame. It was the lovely nurse again... however she was a little busy but she tried to come and say hello as much as she could which was lovely. The other nurses were the really lovely- the one looking after me came and chatted to me so I didn't get bored. So did my lovely buddy. She had a really nice haircut. It is so odd how one day it is a terrible experience at the hospital and the next is joyful.
I finished at the hospital at 5pm and had to rush home to get ready for an awards evening. I nominated my very nice teacher for an award for volunteer of the year. He does so many environmental and charity work and I felt he needed some proper recognition for all the work he does. I wore a black dress. 
We got to the venue and I managed to walk up three flights of stairs. I walked very slowly and took plenty of breaks but I was so proud of myself. The people receiving all the guests were unsure of where the lift was. I had to sit down as soon as I made it up the stairs and had to have a glass of water but I still think I did pretty well. I am pleased.
There were some light snacks and then the awards began. Each nominee got called up and received a certificate. There was some entertainment of a brass band and tap dancers also. When my teacher went up to receive his certificate I clapped really hard. The evening was lovely and I enjoyed myself very much.
The next few days were filled with school, work and flu jabs! I had to have mine and it stung pretty badly and has stretched out into an enormous purple bruise. I have to have one every year from now on. eeek!!
Today I walked a little at school.After walking up thsoe stairs on the award night I feel really optimistic.
Enjoy the weekend... Im a celebrity get me out of here is what i shall be enjoying on sunday evening.
Best wishes
Be positive

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Anonymous said...

Its great to see walking so much and taking on the stairs. Keep it going!

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Me Now!!
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