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Handing Over The Cheque

Handing Over The Cheque
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hi Everyone,
I am very tired today. I haven't been sleeping very well for the last few days. I am a bit worried about how things are going to go since the dreaded news of no lung transplant. You see I would quite like to know how long I have left. I have just realised that there are so many things I want to do.
I am sure i'm not going to go very immediately but I can't help thinking about it, I am determined not to feel sorry for myself there are so many other children in my shoes.

I am having loads of chest pains and am needing more pain relief than I did before.However I am not in my wheelchair nearly as much. I even went to Brent Cross Shopping Centre without the wheelchair and even though I was tired. I did not feel as breathless.

Also my mum had a call from the community nurse,She said that my head of year had called her and she was going in to discuss me and my health. It annoys me because my head of year isn't at all helpful and I as do, my family feel that she is not a very nice person. She once told me that my mum and I should learn to take instructions, and then on another occassion she stood with the PE woman ( Ms Robinson) who questioned my bonemarrow transplant and suggested i  was lying and tried to intimidate me. They were so horrid to me. Just because I am the child. Miss Cripps may have forgotten what she did and said but i certainly have not and nor have my family.Thats why we dont really talk to her. My parents say that I should not let her get to me but I have never been so upset by anyone in my life.My dad said that if she can do this to someone who's life is not certain then she has no conscience and will never see my point of view.

My mum had told her and Mr Warren that my symptom care team would be in contact so why did she feel she had to involve herself and start making contact behind our backs. Maybe she thinks that I have made up my health issues. My parents are now looking into making a formal complaint to the department of Education about her.

I have so much going on, I try to keep away from these types of negative people. Especially when she couldn't give a stuff whether I was alive or dead. Luckily for us the hospital contacted my mum.
I hate school because of her. I know she bullied me in the past. I am no longer scared to say so.After all what do I have left to lose.

I hope I haven't depressed you too much.
Take care
Devaanshi x


Anonymous said...

Oh that is very sad.Your head of year should be spoken to.
She has obviously caused you distress whether she meant to or not.As in all walks of life not everyone will understand nor want to understand.Please keep your chin up you are a very brave girl.

Harin Vyas said...

Hi dear devan... firstly i am sory i didnt knew that u were in facebook and recently your mom showed me all that ..... still i am sory..

I read your 1st Junes bolg and i say that y u speak of how much time u have... rather shall enjoy the coming time ok.....to tell u i don know when is my time up so ? I don really think of all this when i am up the bed next morning i say ok i am still alive to live another day .... and hey one thing do u remember me hahahahahahahaha .....

Anonymous said...

Trust in god


Thank you - Through my experiences, I have learnt that there are ignorant people in the world. It makes me laugh how childish some people can be. It is really pety however there is nothing that can be done about this behaviour. I am not going to go down to the level that they go down to. I just dismiss all idiocy.
Thank you for the support - Devaanshi

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Me Now!!
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