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Handing Over The Cheque

Handing Over The Cheque
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Life

Hello Everyone
Once again I am starting with an apology for not updating my blog. This time I know it's been ages. I was quite unwell for several weeks. I did not manage to get to school a lot and have been very tired and out of breath.
I spent four days last week at Great Ormond St for my regular dose of iv steroids. I had a blood  and platelet transfusion whilst I was there to see if my energy levels increased.I think it has worked. I'm still very tired but not quite as breathless.
I am now in my wheelchair very often,which is a bind but at least I can get around and go to school more.
I discussed having riding lessons with my haematology consultant. He is the best in the world by the way! He said I could go but I had to wear a hat and not fall off. He makes me laugh.
Then we had some not so good news. My respiratory consultant said that they had a big meeting with all the experts and it has been decided that I definately  cannot have a lung transplant.
It's been such a blow. The transplant was my only hope. I am going to make the most of my life. After all  as my mum says I could be here for years and years. It would be stupid if I just didn't do anything with my life.
I would you like you all to know that I appreciate you all following my blog and please continue to pass on the awareness about donating blood,bone marrow and organs.
It is the one thing that means so much to me. I would not be here if my brother had not have given me his bone marrow.
Remember there is another child waiting in vein for a donor.
Please continue to read this blog and support my cause.

Devaanshi xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Devaanshi,
The least we can do is to spread the word around. Cannot agree with you more on the fact that several lives can be saved with a simple act of kindness. Keep going...thats the least you can do for us!

Anonymous said...

You have inspired so many people through this blog of yours.
We have just been and donated blood and my husband donated platelets.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Brillian outlook. You are so young yet so wise. The word needs to be spread and we will help you do it.
Keep your spirits up and focus on the here and now.

Me Now!!

Me Now!!
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