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Handing Over The Cheque

Handing Over The Cheque
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello world!!!
Last night I unfortunately didnt sleep much again due to my painful ankle. I have been taking morphine a lot though now which is helping. I was also unable to go to the support group training course as I couldnt walk. Thank god they have reserved me a place for next time. I am feeling quite tired today and am finding it a little hard to breathe or inhale a large amount of air. I also am starting to get a little cough so I am going to just stay warm before I can get a cold.
So far today, my brother, mother and I have made a batch of cupcakes, ultra mini cupcakes and one big cake. It was so fun!They look a little unprofessional but oh well. We tried. We burnt the mini ones a little and they are more like biscuits but they taste nice.
My mum also made macaroni hot pot which I am about to eat now. I am still pigging out by the way!


Smile for the world, and the world will smile for you


Anonymous said...

Shame about the suppport group training but these things happen for a reason (though we don't quite understand why at the time). You will have even more experience by August and have even more to offer.I am drooling at the thoughts of the cup cakes. How is Kelly? Still laughing? Talk soon. Angela
P.S. Hope the ankle improves quickly


Hi Angela,
I know, I was pretty disheartened by the fact I wouldnt be able to go until August but it doesnt matter. I am hoping to come to Ireland at some point before the year is up so maybe I can make you some cupcakes? Mum is fine, yes - still laughing! Do you have an email address...? Im sure she would love to catch up?
My ankle is healed and I am on my feet again thank god. Next time I am definitely going to be more careful.
Devaanshi x

Me Now!!

Me Now!!
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