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Handing Over The Cheque

Handing Over The Cheque
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello Everybody!!!
Its been a while...
I am so sorry it has taken me a long time to write an update.My laptop stopped working:(
I have been to school every day this week so far. I am feeling a bit tired today,but i have loads of homework to do.
I'm going to have my hair cut and am trying to decide whether to have a fringe or not. I have already bought a dress to wear for mufti day next week.

Myself and my brother are in the Evening Standard today so please pick it up and have a read. Still trying to get donors , he looks so cute!

devaanshi xI


thusharadhammika said...

what is the group of blood u need. please let me know. thusharadhammika@hotmail.co.uk

Anonymous said...

Hi - I read about you and your brother in the Evening Standard today. My blood group is B- and I'd be delighted to donate blood for you. Please ask your parents to contact me at raghav_prasad@hotmail.com or on my phone 0777 571 7105.

All the best

Raghav Prasad

Anonymous said...

Devanshi I read about you in the Evening Standard. I think you are very brave.I will get my blood checked for you.
All the best
Sapna Sharma

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

My boyfriend donates blood when he can. He's O negative and I think that means it can be given to anyone...please check that out though!

We live in Sunbury On Thames, not too far and he said he would help out if he can.

If you have an email address please state in your next blog as we could contact you.


Anonymous said...

Hey!! I read an article about you in the Evening Standard. I usually donate blood and am O+. That means my blood group is universal. If I could be of any help please do contact me at hassammir@hotmail.co.uk

tc x

gillian.travers said...

Devaanshi, I read the article in the Standard. I am 52 years of age and am checking today that my Blood type is yours. I hope I am not wrong. I live in Cunningham Park in Harrow. My email is gillian.travers@hotmail.co.uk
I will have confirmation in a fortnight. Perhaps your Mum, Mrs Mehta would email me. You are a plucky young woman. Good girl!! Gill 8/7

Shirjeel said...

Hi Devaanshi,

My blood group is O-ve, tell me if I could be helpful..


May Allah Bless Youu !!


Me Now!!

Me Now!!
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