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Handing Over The Cheque

Handing Over The Cheque
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My brother, the poser

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today I had the science trip... It was sooooooooo boring.
Yet another teacher doubted that I was ill and thought I was just trying to get out of participating. Oh well, I know that no matter where I go... I will meet people who will just never get it.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Devaanshixx

KALYANI said...

Well i think you are amazing Devaanshi.
Keep well :)

Niamh said...

Hi Devaanshi,

How are you? I read your story in the Evening Standard and was very touched.

I am a features writer at South West News Service, based in Bristol. We write for the national newspapers such as the Daily Mail and Sunday supplements, but the bulk of our work is for women’s weekly magazines such as Woman, Closer, Best and Bella.

The reason I am writing is because I wondered if at some point you would be interested in talking to me about your experience. This would be to produce a feature suitable for a women’s magazine or newspaper. I think your ordeal would make a really heart-warming story aswell as raise awareness for your cause.

I really do not want to pressure you in to anything, it is just that often, the people whom we meet find it helpful to speak about their experiences.

Of course we will not write anything without your permission. If you did wish to go ahead with an article, at any point You would only be dealing with me,
and I would liaise with you every step of the way. At South West News we make it our policy to read the article back to you before it is sent, in order to make sure you are completely happy.

I was trying to get in touch with your Mother and would appriciate if you could show this to her.

Then if you feel that you may be interested now or in a few weeks, or even a few months when you’ve had time to think about it, please feel free to contact me in confidence on 0117 906 6505 or 07511497682 after 5.30 pm or at the weekends . I’ll be happy to help in any way I can and answer any questions you may have.

Kind regards,


Niamh Griffin
Features Writer
Tel. 0117 906 6505

Anonymous said...

hi devanshi, just read the article in eve standard. i am an indian with blood group b+ve. pls let me know if i can be of any help. all the best - sb. catchbhargava@yahoo.com.


Thank you so much.

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Me Now!!
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