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Handing Over The Cheque
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Typical Day... coughs, ambulances and hospitals

Hi guys,
Yesterday I had a tough day. We were going to take Dushyant to watch Horrid Henry so we were all getting ready. I had just had a shower and was relaxing when I got a really bad coughing fit. I was kind of choking on the breath I didn't have...if that makes sense..? I couldn't catch my breath and then I felt really unwell. I'm not a hundred percent sure what happened after that, only that I couldn't breathe and everything went black. I could hear my sister shouting to my mum that I was frothing at the mouth. My mum called an ambulance and the woman helped me calm down. I got taken to Northwick Park and I felt okayish...just really weak and sleepy and in pain of a tight chest.
 After five hours of  tests, observations and examinations... I was allowed to come home. I just rested for the day and slept a lot but it was so scary for me. I was afraid that I may not have come home. I even started saying goodbye to my family. I am now going to live each day to the full and I am going to appreciate everything I have from now on.

Stay happy,

- live each moment to its full potential!


Anonymous said...

Hey Devaanshi,
Its very unfortunate to hear about what happened. Hoping this was a one off and with some rest, you should be back to your lively best! All our wishes with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Devaanshi

So sorry to hear you were so unwell but no doubt you will soon be back fighting fit!! Hope Dushaynt is feeling better and his fever is gone. Caroline told me to say hello. she is feeling a bit sad because David (her son) is off to Australia for a year. We will all miss him but hope he has a really good time. I am off with a friend of mine to see the latest iriah duo (Jedward ) in concert. Mark (my son) is working on their tour and he got us tickets. She is bringing her nephew who is 16 & has Downs Syndrome. He is absolutely gorgeous and a big Jedward fan. he is soooo excited!! You will have to google these guys John & Edward. All the young people here are crazy about them. Keep blogging and talk soon. Angela xxx


Hi Angela,
I was pretty scared at the time but am okay now. By the way, I have tried your method (killing with kindness) and am feeling strangely hopeful. I miss you guys! Also, on my blog home page on the left hand side at the top are some video links from the international evening...and u and caroline can be seen dancing! I know David is off travelling but it is a great opportunity for him - just make sure he brings you all souverneirs when he comes back! Jedward are massive here too - I would loveee the opportunity to go and see them - please take pics and get autographs!!! Big Big Big hugs to you both and see u soon


Thank you,
I am hoping this was a one off too however Great Ormond Street sad this is likely to happen again. Just trying to stay relaxed =)

Amit Thanvi said...

Hey Devaanshi, you are a brave girl & i know that u are blessed with love and care of people around you. Keep your brave spirit on. I am in support with you not because of your health issue but as a friend ....and as friend its my responsibility too . I always wish or your wellness....always be happy and keep that sweet smile on your face & anytime yo need your friend then just contact i will be somewhere around through some medium....God bless you:)

Bijal Mehta said...

hi devanshi i am glad you are better now and yu are true inspiration not only for kids but also for adults like us you did very well in international evening. i also read in news paper. i would like to donate in bone marrow unit at GOSH as it is also very close to my heart too as you know amee is also been treated there. keep up and like to read your blogs very informative and precise a very well done on that. take care and lots of hugs from me and amee
Bijal Mehta mum to amee mehta

Bijal said...

devashi how are yu still awating for your new updates on your blogs. please write so that we can keep i touch with you bijal

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