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Handing Over The Cheque
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Friday, July 22, 2011

A day for ranting

Hello again,
Another rant - maybe it's a day for it....
Unprofessionalism by Devaanshi Mehta

It's worrying that people at my school have called Ms Burbidge unprofessional. I can recollect many unprofessional incidents that have happened in the past couple of years at Nower Hill
Like when Mrs May and Ms Cripps took me into a room for a meeting away from anyone else and said I wasnt allowed to do a powerpoint to explain the basics of my health issues. I needed people to understand as I was getting bullied at the time but I wasnt allowed to show it. I also remember during the conversation that I was told that I was taking' the moral high ground' with the girls that had been bullying me. I also remember being told by Mrs May that the Jack Petchey award I had received happened because they had ' bent the rules' in order for me to get it. I was soo upset at this time. Surely that meant I had not earned it.
I remember right at the middle of year 8 when I was accused of not having a BMT. This really hurt me so much. Noone knows how hard it was for me in Great Ormond Street Hospital during my transplant.
This incident wasnt even investigated fully. It seemed as though Mrs May would stick up for her 'friend and collegue' regardless. I was really distraught as I thought that it was so unfair. I understand that some people are ignorant about these things and just need to be educated however no action was taken and I didnt even get an apology. Through all the unecessary stress, I became severely ill. These things wear me down. I wouldve thought that any decent person would have apologised however I have grown to learn that I should rise above behaviour such as this.
Another thing that comes to mind was when we were told that ' I could not come and go into school as I pleased' and how it was 'unfair on the teachers'. I cannot help being ill. I would rather not be but I enjoyed school and tried to be in every moment I was able. I also remember Ms Cripps telling me ' your mum and you need to learn how to follow instructions'.. I had just come out of hospital and was told no stress so I asked if maybe we could wait for my mum to have the conversation. I was told ' no. ill tell your mum but right now im telling you'
My mum was told that she wasnt allowed to talk to any office staff - just go in and see Ms Cripps if she needed anything.
I cannot take this behaviour. I am used to it from the past with my peers but never have expected that adults portrayed this childlike behaviour too.
When I asked that I would like to take a friend with me into any meetings as I felt uncomfortable, I was told that I wasnt allowed. Yet I had one or two teachers and me just by myself. I felt insecure and intimidated but no one seemed to care.

I have Northwick Park on one side, Bad health on one side, Lack of mobility on one side and Nowerhill on one side. I am trying my best to stay alive as long as I can, but if things carry on like this - I fear I will crumble.

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me."  


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Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture of You and Dushynat. What happened his arm? Poor litle mite.
can you believe you are finished Year 9. How quickly time flys, Caroline and I went to Riverdance last week with 2 other friends. What a brilliant show. Being Irish I ma slightly biased of course. No more talk of the tiem you have left. No one knows what the future holds. August 2009 I unexpectantly ended up in intensive care for 12 days. My family were all called in to say goodbye. Look at me now fighting fit and my mouth still working ten to the dozen. We could all be knocked down and killed crossing the road tomorrow. Every moment is precious and enjoy every minute of it. You look so beautiful in your photo. Bury the negative and feed the positive!! People will never understand how you feel unless they experience it and would you really want anyone to go through what you went through? God only dishes things out to strong people who can cope. Onwards and upwards and plan your visit to us. You don't have to prove anything to any staff or hospital people who know you, know how sick you are & they are the only people who matter. LOL

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