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Handing Over The Cheque

Handing Over The Cheque
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hi everyone,
The other day at school, I unfortunately got knocked over and then had some really bad breathing problems. They had to call an ambulance which was reallyyyy embarrassing. Everyone saw!
The ambulance took me to A & E and no matter how many times I told them that I never go to A & E, I go straight to the ward. They just didn't listen to either myself or my sister who is 18. I was very disheartened as one of the ambulance people even said " well, looks like your ward thing didnt actually come through" - i didnt appreciate people saying that to me especially as I was feeling unwell.
Thank god the doctor saw me and told the ambulance people that I should go straight to the ward.

School is getting on my nerves quite a lot of the time I am there. I don't look forward to going anymore. Teachers, peers and the people at the top tend to make me feel really bad.I feel as though everyone is pushing me to use the wheelchair. I was told by my consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital that I should use it IF I need it. Not that I have to use it every minute of every single day. I know people like a set routine but I have to feel happy and independent right? A 14 year old girl should not feel uncomfortable at school and as I do already, it is highly unfair to keep on pushing me to use it. Obviously I am managing without it at school as I do tend to do quite a lot of full days now.
Mostly , I feel like people are patronizing me. Some people talk to me like I am stupid and some treat me like I am taking advantage of any stand ins I get. My form tutor told me to get some passes for myself and the friends who are with me all the time and I did so. I was very agitated as I was pulled up on it. It certainly didn't look very professional to me if my form tutor tells me one thing and another teacher tells me another. I was not to blame at all and it came across to me that people were implying that I had done things deliberately behind their back when my own form tutor told me to do it. As if I was doing it off my own back.
It is a shame as I had been told previously about the school and even got a pack when I started in year 8 however I do not believe, as do others, that a lot of things that are claimed to be done, are.

Oh well, lots of people walk through our lives. Some you like, some you don't. You meet all kinds of people in this world. Thank god some don't stay in your life forever.

I have been feeling quite breathless recently and have not been able to do as much as usual. However, I haven't had much oxygen so I feel quite good that I am starting to manage without it. Today, my friend is here and we are definitely going to have a great time!

Devaanshi x


Anonymous said...

It must be hard to manage with all this negativity around you.
Keep Strong as it is your strength that keeps me reading your blog.


Thank you,
It is really hard to just live life. I do find it hard as I am not really happy at school at all. I think I would probably leave if I hadn't already started my GCSE's. I don't really need all this unnecessary stress on top of just living which is kind of hard already.
Comments like your keep me going.
Thank you

Me Now!!

Me Now!!
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