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Handing Over The Cheque

Handing Over The Cheque
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hi guys,
Yesterday, I had a full day! I woke up feeling a little lethargic so went shopping with my sister. We also went grocery shopping and bought loads of fruit and stuff. I am trying not to eat so much junk food so our house is full of fruit and veg.
Towards the middle of the day, I was very tired. It was probably because I was due platelets. I had decided I was going to have them in the evening as they hadn't arrived yet.

After some rest and relaxation at home I had to go and have platelets. We waited for about an hour for someone to come which was a bit annoying. However, we met a doctor who used to work on the ward who is really nice.
When I was having a cannula put in ( a little tube that goes into a vein when having transfusions ) I held my sisters hand so I could squeeze it if it hurt. She ended up squeezing my hand as she feels a bit sick around needles and hospital stuff.
 As I have piriton with my platelets I always feel really sleepy as soon as they put it intravenously into me so was ready just to sleep there and then. After a short rest, we went to watch a movie and have a meal... we went in the car so I didnt have to walk at all. Just got driven from door to door.
I had a really fun time.
Also, if mum is reading this... I MISS YOU VERY MUCH

small things generally bring the great pleasure


Anonymous said...

Hey Devaanshi,
I have trying to keep up with reading your blog.But here in Mumbai it's a little tough. Everyone here is asking how you are,I miss you too my darling and I will be home soon.
Love you
Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oh had the meeting at the lilavati today. Went so well!!



Me Now!!

Me Now!!
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