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Handing Over The Cheque

Handing Over The Cheque
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hello guys,
Today I went to school for half a day. I had art, history and a double free period. I still have my cold and keep getting headaches and have a really bad sore throat due to coughing!
I am still getting tired walking and am a little more breathless... (probably as I am ill).
Tomorrow I am going to hand out my invitations for my birthday party. I cannot wait.
I am also going to do a powerpoint presentation to my class about what my experiences in hospital have been like and hopefully that will make those who dont understand be more aware of my situation.
I went to the local hospital for my blood test in the morning and the nurse in charge was a bit rude. She first said she didn't see us when she was only two metres away and my mum has a loud enough voice,then when mum asked whether she was aware we were coming in this morning for the blood test which Great Ormond St had asked for; the nurse said yes it was at the bottom of her list. It's so frustrating I haven't done anything to them,It hurts my feelings so much.
I had platelets after school but had a cannula instead of them accessing my portocath.
I am going into Great Ormond Street on Friday so that means I will have to have my portocath accessed there. I will have to spend the weekend there as my treatment takes three days. Zoe and my sisters will come and visit me. Dushyant probably won't as he despises hospitals.
At least I can go off the ward for walks. Hopefully I will see go to the other wards and see my lovely nurses who have looked after me in the past and I hope to see some of the BMT(bone marrow transplant)doctors too.
Wish me luck and have a good evening,
Devaanshi Mehta...

They should always teach history in the morning.... before anything else happensxx

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the treatment.:)

Me Now!!

Me Now!!
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