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Handing Over The Cheque

Handing Over The Cheque
Persis, S. O'Carroll, Me, Nettie, Rachael, Zoe, Sarah


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Friday, October 15, 2010

Hi everyone,
today I went to GOSH with two of my best mates, Zoe and Sarah. I was mainly going to hand over the cheque with money we raised regarding the bike ride but I also had my appointments today. I had my respiratory appointment with Dr Paul Aurora first. He said that unfortunately, my lung fibrosis has progressed so treatment will have to be started urgently. It was the worst news. I can't believe that yet again, something bad has happened inside my body. The next appointment was with my haemotology consultant, Dr David Webb and we discussed the treatment further. He also agreed to write a letter to my school saying I am allowed on a Belgium trip next year. He is sooo nice and supportive of every decision I make and always listens to my queries and does his best to answer them. He is truly fantastic.
After I had my appointments... we met Mr O'C in the peter pan cafe. It was really nice of him to come and support me and it was really nice to see him after such a long time. We chatted for a while and then we went to meet those who would be taking the pictures with us.
It was the Amazing Nettie and the fabulous Persis who came to receive the cheque. I can't tell you how lovely it was to see them after such a long time. They seemed exactly the same but I suppose I was a lot different from when they last saw me. Rachael Mead also came. It was great to see her too. We took many pictures with Persis, Nettie, Mr O'C, Sarah, Zoe and Rachael and then Nettie and Rachael had to go but Persis stayed and chatted for a while.
Afterwards, mum, zoe, sarah, Mr O'C and I went to get a drink and something to eat because as always... I was starving!!
We had a long chat.
Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and Mr O'C had to go. We left at the same time but he had to run as he was going to be late for work. It was sooo funny!
Tomorrow, I look forward to going to meeting Sarah and Zoe at Zoe's house to have more fun.
By the way. We raised over £2,200. Thanks to everyone who donated and participated in the bike ride.
Devaanshi Mehta
( also, big hugs and kisses to the best person in the world, Caroline xx )
My quote: Live each day as though its your last
(ps. my friend is desperate to have his name on my blog so here you go Shaneel :D )

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