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Handing Over The Cheque

Handing Over The Cheque
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One problem finished.....maybe not

Hi everyone
Today it was my last day of year 9. I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by. I gave all those who I felt have supported me during my time at nower hill, presents and/or cards. Thank you Abi and Sue for taking the time to make sure I was okay.
I thought I had finished my antibiotics after 7 days of them, non stop last week. I had to go in each morning at 6 am, go in in the afternoon/late afternoon and in the night. I would be out late, 12ish and up and back again in the morning. My portocath had to be taken out as it had already been in for 7 days, I asked if i were able to use a cannula so as not to go through the pain of being reaccessed as my portocath was sore. They said yes and gave me a cannula that I used for the remainder of the antibiotics. On the Friday, we went to Great Ormond Street Hospital and they were stunned at the fact that my cannula was having Intravenous antibiotics going through it. They said that as my on board infection was a line infection, the antibiotics going through the cannula would be of no benefit towards ridding the infection.
We explained this to Dr Linda at the hospital and she said she had double checked with the microbiologists of northwick park hospital and they had said not to worry, it would work.I am really tired of everything. Now, Great Ormond Street contacted northwick park to say that I still have the infection. I have now been put on antibiotics again. It is really upsetting as because of Northwick Parks careless mistakes, I am having to suffer. I worry about those children who walk out of northwick park ' supposedly well ' and are not looked after by Great ormond street. I was saved because Great ormond street discovered this infection. I do not like people playing with my health and that is all northwick park seem to do.
Vicky Moat made more comments about how she tried to hide from me when I went to thorpe park. I dont find it amusing at all that she didnt want to come and say hi. She said ' I saw you sitting on the bench next to the teacher and I was like...noooo.... lets go here' and she even accompanied this horrid comment with an action of her covering half her face with her hand so as the other side off her face couldnt be seen. I am tired of these playground like actions and am tired of being messed about.
No one ever seems to care that I have to go into hospital and this cuts into my plans.
I am way too tired of everything.


Anonymous said...

Hi devaanshi
Isn't Vicky mote the one with afather who is a councillor? Remember to Log dates, times and events specifically.
I will give your mum a ring later.
Meanwhile keep your spirits up.
Nitu x


Yes...she is. I just write down everything I feel in my blog. It allows me to let out any upset I have. I will record things now because their playground behaviour has gone too far - it really is horrid.
Thank you so much x

Anonymous said...

Devaanshi you must keep your spirits up. This nurse should know better since her father is in a public office.

Northwick Park is notoriously known for only logging what they want to.Be careful to record everything because they will try and turn it around,you should also try talking to other families who go to the hospital and find out what they think.
Good luck.

Me Now!!

Me Now!!
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